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Screw you guys, I'll build my own Tumblr with Blackjack, and Hookers. In fact, forget the Tumblr and the blackjack. Ehhh, screw the whole thing.
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My favorite pokemon are latinas and latinos image

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The Raid 2: Berandal / Retaliation

"Baseball Bat Man and Hammer Girl are brother and sister,” says Evans. “The backstory is that when they were children they suffered at the hands of an abusive parent and when they killed him they were taken under Bejo’s wing. There’s a sense that neither of them have matured at all so there’s a childlike way about how they take out their targets.”

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The Raid 2: Berandal - Official Trailer

I am so hype for this movie.

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"[Gareth] Evan’s great innovation in action filmmaking, however, is his mobile camerawork. In Hollywood, action scenes are shot using coverage, filming the action with long shots, then medium shots, then close-ups, sometimes using multiple cameras, and the editor assembles the scene in the editing room. Hong Kong invented segment shooting, in which each shot is filmed from one angle with one camera, designed for maximum impact, and then the next shot is built onto it; the fight grows organically without using master shots, and the result is a scene that’s practically edited in camera. Evans uses what appears to be a combination of these styles, but he keeps his camera mobile. His signature move is a handheld camera that circles around the fighters as they exchange blows, but he uses dolly shots, cranes, and camera operators passing the camera between moving vehicles to follow his characters through windows, down stairs, and over tables. "—Grady Hendrix on The Raid 2 (with and without the subtitle)

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Check Yahoo Movies tomorrow at 1pm ET/10am PT to watch the exclusive trailer for 'The Raid 2' 

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Gareth Evans’ “The Raid: Redemption.”

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Sorry guys

everyone is about to get a whole lotta love from me and this movie I just saw. jk. I regret nothing!

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